Meet Our Resilient Rockstars!

[Formerly] Invisible Sensitives who said YES to to taking their healing and power back!

“We have ALL stepped into our own Power!”

Leslieann H.

“I got my money's worth in week one!

Jessica S.

“I feel like I have the courage to DARE to DREAM!”

Genna B.

Got the resilience to leave a soul-killing job and IMMEDIATELY got an offer for something more aligned.


“I feel better than I've ever felt in my entire life!”

Cari L.

“This program builds a strong foundation to KICK BUTT”

Karen V.

“My life has radically changed for the better.”

Ava B.

"The magic of this course has been unreal."

Lindsey G.


3 minutes and 50 seconds into the first video and I had to stop because ? ? ? the implications just blew my mind!

I need some time to process those dots connecting.

...Bodes well for the incredible value we're going to get out of this program!

Allegra West

Estel Consulting

I just sold my first piece of custom art and sold out of my first line of products!

I’d been trying to create pieces that I thought would make other people happy instead of myself; but all it did was waste time – hours and hours of work! I ended up throwing out those pieces and instead I sold out of the ones I love. (It turns out, that's what my customers wanted, too!) And it’s all contributing to a bigger mission that I’m so proud to be a part of.

I wouldn’t have put myself out there at all had it not been for you and this work.

Michelle S.


I wanted to say how unique and powerful this thing is that you’ve created!

I’ve never seen this subject explained in so much clarity. I love that you give us practices that are simple and not overwhelming in their form and yet so potent & effective!

...It feels like I’ve been waiting for something like this my whole life (or more?) and I am finally getting the answers.

Petra S.

Empathology™ Alumni

I wouldn't be able to process my “stuff" as well or as gently if not for the work here.

It's been very interesting to feel the birds-eye-view with this work, seeing my self and patterns and responses from above. It's been a bit like a superpower.

SO much love and gratitude for this space and this work.

Jason Yocum

Art Director & Graphic Designer

The coaching and validation from Lola and her team is by far the most held I have ever felt.

I jumped in with some resistance and skepticism (for good measure) and am really enjoying my experience.

Thanks to everyone for being here in the co-creation!

Kellyann Ahern

Health + Nourishment Coach

I have gotten so much from EMPATHOLOGY.

I wanted to thank you for all you have given me in your powerful love, presence, and courage to stand up, speak out and be real.

I will carry this with me forever as I create, love, show up, and remember. Lots of love. ❤️

Madeleine Eames


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